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Patricia Kelly, MA, (C)OACCPP

Intuitive Eating is eating when, what and as much as you want by listening to your inner wisdom, trusting your body's signals and honouring your body's needs. You knew how to eat intuitively when you were born and then you learned lots of  "rules" about eating. Dieting and other factors may have led you to develop patterns of compulsive eating or yo-yo dieting. Intuitive Eating can be re-learned.

Eating When You Want

Eating intuitively is eating only when you are hungry: only when your body wants food.

So many factors teach us that we should eat when someone else, or the clock, says it's time. When we diet, we look to outside authorities to tell us when to eat . When we get hungry when it isn't the right time, we choose not to eat , or we eat and feel guilty.

Life After Diets
Written by Patricia Kelly   
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Early this century, the first diet book hit the book-shelves. Since that one book, there have been countless other diet books written, clinics opened, programs offered, and dieting has grown into a multi-billion dollar business. Yet, with all the time and money that has gone into dieting, 98% of those who lose weight regain it all.

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